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Size guide

Measuring guidance to determine your size:

It is advisable that you only wear a very thin underwear or nothing if possible while performing the self-measuring in order to find out your correct size. A tailor's tape is a must have tool to enable you proceeding with your self-measuring (see photo below).

tailor's measuring tape

A correct body position is also important. While measuring yourself you should:

  • adopt a standing position
  • keep your shoulders and your back straight
  • breath normally

What to measure?

  • over-the-bust circumference (the most prominent part of the bust): when looking to get the correct size for a bra or negligee (gown)/undershirt (for women) or for an undershirt (for men)
  • under-the-bust circumference: when looking to get the correct size for a bra or negligee (gown)/undershirt (for women)
  • hips circumference (the most prominent part): when looking to find out the correct size of your underpants (women and men)

tape measuring guide

Men Size table (Underpants, Undershirts, Swimwear):

men size photo


 Women Size table (Underpants/Bottoms):

women's size underpants bottoms

Note: UK/Ireland size chart for Underpants/Bottoms is similar to the corresponding Australian/New Zealand one.

Women Size table (Bra):

women's bra size photo

Bra Size Conversion from UK/Ireland to Australia/New Zealand

Bra Size Conversion from UK/Ireland to Australia/New Zealand


  • a Cup Size in the tables above is equal to the measured over-the-bust circumference (measured over the most prominent part of your bust and making sure the tape in all its way in contact with your skin, but not too tight or too loose)
  • to measure your under-the-bust circumference, you should place the measuring tape just below your breasts line making sure the tape is all the way in contact to your chest, but not too tight or too loose and also please make sure the circle which is formed by the measuring tape around your chest is parallel with the floor (assuming your standing vertically).
  • if the result of your measurement if not a round figure, please round up to the next round figure (example: if your measurement result is any between 88.1cm and 89cm then you should round up your result to the next round figure which is 89cm)

How to find out your bra size:

Example: - if your under-the-bust circumference reading is 79cm (therefore corresponding to the UK Size 36) and your over-the-bust circumference (Cup Size) reading is 97cm (therefore corresponding to the Cup Size C), then your Bra Size is 36C

Women Size Swimwear:

To find out your correct size for your swimwear bra and slip (bottoms), please use the tables provided above.

How to read swimwear sizes:

The first letter represents the actual size of the bra (international size units) and the second letter represents the bra's cup size. Example: M-C (M = the size of the bra, C = the cup size for the respective bra).

Note: - if a swimwear suit has no corresponding information about the Cup Size, then that Cup is always a Cup Size B unless otherwise specified.

Can't find your size?

Please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you find your correct size. If possible, have your measurements readings at hand when you get in contact with us.

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