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MicroModal is Great!

Posted on 03 November 2017

MicroModal is a very fine fibre and like Modal is classified as Rayon (a regenerated cellulose). Compared to Modal, it looks and feels finer due to the thinner aspect of the spun fibre.

MicroModal is made from beech wood trees.

It feels very light, friendly and silky to the skin and offers an excellent breathability (probably a better one comparing it to cotton) and luxurious appearance, a perfect choice when it comes about undergarments, though it is not widely used yet due to its higher cost of acquisition or production.

MicroModal has an excellent hygroscopic property (it retains moisture very well) conferring that pleasant sensation of a dry skin throughout the day.

When talking about colour fading resistance, MicroModal is on the top of the list, being able to preserve its colours for a longer time comparing to the most of the other type of fibres.

The Underwear Boutique’s Men’s Lingerie Collection is currently offering you no less than 17 variants of briefs, boxer shorts and thongs all made from this elegant and comfortable fibre.

Check our MicroModal collection and choose your preferred shape, colour and size.

Watch this video: 

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